An accident happens quickly!

To quickly deal with these accidents with often environmentally polluting or dangerous products, absorbents are indispensable.

Absorbent granules: suitable for all leaks and for road use.

Absorbent fibers - 100% Polypropylene: due to the pure polypropylene, their retention capacity is much higher than that of conventional fiber products. (up to 20 times their own weight)
Are quick and easy to use, and naturally hydrophobic. With an anti-fluff layer on the top and bottom.

For collection of hydrocarbons, oil, chemicals or for universal use.

Available in 1, 2 and 3 layer structure on a roll, as cloths or carpet.
Also available as cushions and hoses.

At Solana you can also find all your spill kits, sump trays, safety boxes, ....