Cuff and collar presses

Cuff and collar presses

On cuff and collar presses we will use specially developed synthetic materials, such as Polyester (possibly with a fire-resistant coating) or meta-aramid (Nomex®, Twaron®). These materials have a much higher thermal and mechanical resistance than, for example, cotton.

There is also a wide range of various materials for the underlayers; this to achieve optimal air permeability and resilience.
At Solana we make coverings tailored to the press, but also according to customer requirements.

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Some examples below.

Order code
BARB13A Set of blue sleeves for the cuffs
BARB13B blue cover for the col
BARB13C Set of white sleeves for the cuffs
BARB13D White cover for the col
BARB13M Soft top felt set for the cuffs
BARB13N Soft top felt for the col
BARB13O Felt set for the cuffs
BARB13P Felt for the col
BARB13S Silicone foam rubber for the cuffs
BARB13T Silicone foam for the col

Barbanti 510


Order code
SILC201 set of silicone foam rubbers
SILC205 set of felt plates
SILC206 set of covers