For the ironer

Modern ironers can combine high efficiency with excellent quality.

To maintain this in the long term, the use of qualitative materials highly recommended. 
In practice, often conventional standard products used, which can lead to failures and can miss their effect.

In cooperation with leading manufacturers, we have a series of special products that meet the highest performance requirements of today ironers.

For all types of ironers Solana can provide coatings:

  • Thick felt in polyester or polyester / Nomex
  • Wrap felt polyester or Nomex
  • Ironer belts 
  • Import tires (endless or anchor shackle) + anti-slip tape (agrip)
  • Ironer sheets in cotton or Nomex
  • Ironer ribbon or cord
  • Stainless-steel wool
  • Webbing for conciliators

For daily maintenance of the ironer:
  • Ironer cleaning cloth
  • Ironer grase cloth
  • cleaning cloth combi / Grease
  • wax (powder or flakes) for greasing
  • Wax for cleaning