Ironing Soles

Protect clotes when ironing

High quality ironing protector made with PTFE, and reinforced aluminum for a light protector with excellent heat transfer.
The protector protects against shine, burning or sticking of the textile to the iron.
Nr           code                                     Strijkzolen

A             F3-TZ-VT HP2003C           Teflonzool Veit HP 2003 wit       
B             F3-TZ-VT HP2003              Teflonzool Veit HP 2003 blauw 
C             F3-TZ-VT HD2000             Teflonzool Veit HD 2000 wit      
D             F3-TZ-VT HD2002             Teflonzool Veit HD 2002 blauw
E             F3-TZ-VT 2101                    Teflonzool Veit COOL SET 2101 
F             F3-TZ-IRON 187                 Teflonzool IRONMASTER - SILC - GHIDINI U - Pony J2 - Iron045  
G            F3-TZ-TRVL-F021              Teflonzool Trevil Professional   
H             F3-TZ-TREVIL                     Teflonzool Trevil             
I              F3-TZ-COCCHI                   Teflonzool Cocchi - Sussman-100            
J              F3-TZ-PONY SR                  Teflonzool Pony  

In our warehouse we always have a large stock of various iron protectors avaleble.