Lint filters

Lint filters for wastewater and drying cabinets

For wastewater

According to the sectoral discharge condition in Vlarem, there is a ban on the discharge of fibers.
Fiber removal is also necessary if one wants to reuse the process water.
This primary water treatment consists of a pre-filtration by means of a sieve mesh.

A drum filter is usually placed after a washing tunnel or washing machines.
The drum is covered with a filter sleeve in sieve mesh.

Solana makes the filter sleeve in polypropylene or polyamide, in different mesh sizes, depending on the composition of the wastewater.
The filter sleeve is provided with spring band rings and reinforced hems.

For tumble dryers

There are lint filters inside the drying cabinets to prevent fibers from getting into the air outdoors.
These lint filters consist of a screen mesh either in textile or in metal (stainless steel).
The mesh size of the mesh is of great importance. If it is too small, the dryer will clog up and alarm continuously and the filter must be cleaned. If the mesh size is too large, the fiber dust enters the ambient air.

Solana supplies the sieve meshes - both in textiles and stainless steel - to size or on a roll.