Marking textiles

textiel markeren

Recognition of your textile...very important.

whether you're talking about Transfers or Tapes & labels


Heat seal transfers in vibrant colors and with great detail blend in with the fabric and enhance your corporate image on protective clothing, workwear, casual wear, reflective clothing and almost any other textile.

Transfers are widely applicable: from household laundry to 95°C washing and chemical cleaning. We also meet the demands of our customers for specific technical products and supply, in accordance with EN standards, reflection transfers, stretch transfers, antistatic transfers, flame retardant transfers and possibly other specialities.



Tapes & Labels

Tapes and labels for identification on textiles, e.g. for name labels, barcodes or other company information. We have been a supplier of washable labels to laundries and healthcare institutions for many years and the range is still being further developed and adapted to the latest technologies and the evolving market.

We distinguish these tapes & labels into permanent and temporary marking. Where permanent use is mainly used for company clothing, clothing for care centers and/or rest homes. Temporary marking is then used more for labeling private laundry in the laundry, without the customer noticing!

heat seal press

heat seal press
To obtain the strongest possible adhesion of your emblems and labels to the textile, the use of the correct sealing material is essential. Depending on the logo used and the fabric to be printed, temperature, pressure and pressing time are important to choose the right heat seal press.
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