Shirt finishers

Shirt finishers

We will use specially developed synthetic materials on these shirt finishers, such as Polyamide (with high frictional resistance), Polyester (possibly with a fire-resistant coating) or meta-aramid (Nomex®, Twaron®). These materials have a much higher thermal and mechanical resistance than, for example, cotton.

There is also a wide range of various materials for the underlayers; this to achieve optimal air permeability and resilience. 

At Solana, we make coverings tailored to the finisher, but also according to customer requirements.

If you wish, we will be happy to help you place the cover on the shirt machine.

Contact us for free advice. 

Some examples below.

Barbanti 483 - 488

Order code
BARB18A - top cover
BARB18B - felt 
BARB18C - front tensioner
BARB18D - rear tensioner
BARB18E - set of front clamping plates
BARB18F - set of side clamps long model
BARB18G - cover with reflector
BARB18I - set of stubble fabric sleeves for long sleeve tensioners
BARB18H - 4 pcs half moon set for short sleeve tensioner
BARB18K - set of side clamps short model
BARB18J - set of block lamps
BARB18L - set of knife-shaped covers 25 x 6 cm
BARB18O - mousse for suction

Carlo Barbanti 483

Electrolux 5131

Order code
ELUX340 - Steam mannequin cover
ELUX341  - Top cover in nylon stretch
ELUX342 - Set of small clamp
ELUX342A - Set of large clamp


VEIT 8326

VEIT 8326

VEIT926 - set of covers for the front cleats
VEIT927 - steam doll cover
VEIT928 - set of covers for the side camps
VEIT929 - set of felts for the side camps