Springs & padding


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The output of a flatwork ironer depends mainly on the good contact between the linen and the heated chest.

The smallest loss in diameter of the roll decreases the production quality.

On modern ironers with deep chests and large diameters can be a 2 mm loss of thickness will reduce quality up to 40%.
In the case of a bad or clogged springs the evaporation process does not work optimally, this is detrimental to the felt and the end result.

Current ironers are often equipped with soft springs in STAINLESS STEEL that have a high tolerance to corrosion or extra soft springs in galvanized steel.
Of 6 mm to 17 mm height, these are often combined with wrap felt used.

For thick felt ironers like on Lapauw®-ironers springs are mounted directly on the roll, this prevents the holes in the roll from being closed off and the moisture can be disposed of properly.

Winding steel wool is still often used on older models of Ironers.