Steam- and cold ironing tables

Steam- and cold ironing tables

On these tables we will use specially developed synthetic materials, such as Polyester (with a fire-resistant coating) or meta-aramid (Nomex®, Twaron®). These have a much higher thermal and mechanical resistance than, for example, cotton.

There is also a wide range of various materials for the underlayers. These materials guarantee good air permeability, which is extra important for tables with a blow or vacuum function or for steam tables.

 At Solana we make covers to measure for the table, but also according to the wishes of the customer.

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Veit CR2

Order code top layer
VCR2006 cover in blue polyester
VCR2008 cover in blue aramid

Order code between layer
VCR2014 ironing foam, 5 mm thick
VCR2011 ironing foam, thickness 10 mm
VCR2003A silicone mousse, thickness 10 mm

Order code under layer
VCR2022 3D fabric, thickness 10 mm
VCR2015 Silicone foam rubber, thickness 4 mm
VCR2017 Copper mesh plate


Silc S/AAR-S, S/AR-S


Order code top layer
SILC175 cover in blue polyester
SILC172 cover in blue aramid

Order code between layer
SILC174 ironing foam, thickness 5 mm
SILC180 polyester felt board, 6 mm thick
SILC173 silicone padding, thickness 6 mm
SILC178 polyester felt board, 10 mm thick

Order code under layer
SILC171 protective layer in polyester
SILC185 heat resistant bottom layer

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