Woven textile - Polyester

Woven textiles for the laundry sector - in Polyester

Polyester fabrics are versatile, strong and widely applicable.
And are prominent in the laundry sector.

Tightly woven polyester multifilament, 158 g / m², heat-set, extra smooth.
Very low air permeability. Ideal for shirt finishers.

Shirt finischer
Woven Polyester Multifilament, 105 g / m², thermofixed, extra smooth.
Medium air permeability, Ideal for shirt finishers.

Shirt Finishers
Woven polyester satin, 105 g / m², washed and thermofixed, extra smooth.
High air permeability, ideal for shirt finishers.

ironing tables and presses
Polyester fabric in staple fiber yarn, 200 g/m², light blue.
Ideal for ironing covers and press covers.

Pres cover
Polyester fabric, 215 g / m², thermofixed, extra smooth, dark blue.
Ideal for ironing covers on press covers.

curtain tables
Polyester fabric, 295 g / m², thermofixed, antistatic in warp and weft, white or royal blue.
Ideal for ironing covers for curtain tables or press coverings.

Shirt finisher
Woven polyester, 230 g / m², washed and thermofixed, extra smooth, white or royal blue.
Good air permeability, Ideal for shirt finishers.