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Flatwork Ironer needle felt / Ironer Belts / Ironer Padding

Ironer needle felt

Most modern flatwork ironers feed the linen through a heated chest.  With these chest ironers, a needle felt is installed around the ironer cylinder.  Ironer needle felts are very specific coverings, and the right choice largely determines the ironing quality.

There are 2 kinds of ironer needle felts: monoturn and multiturn.  Usually the base layer (the springs) determine what kind should be used.

Monoturn felt means a single thick felt is applied around the ironer's cylinder.  A characteristic element of this felt is it needs to be sewn together:

With multiturn felt several thinner layers of felt are applied.

Both kinds are available in several fibre compositions.  The most common are: 100% polyester, 100% aramid (Nomex), polyester with aramid working side, aramid with PTFE working side.  The set temperature of the flatwork ironer is the decisive factor.

We offer a considered range of needle felts with extra strong support scrim and especially a high permeability, significantly reducing hydrolysis.  Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction in which fibers are decomposed by the interaction with water.  Removing water (steam) from the felts is paramount in limiting this effect.  Limiting hydrolysis extends the service life considerably.

The felts are profesionally cut to size.  If desired, multiple turn felts are equipped with hems with incorporated cord and/or beveled at the beginning and end.

We are happy to advise you.  Ask here your question.


Ironer belts

With some types of ironers, the textile is transported by means of ironer belts, and pressed against a heated metal cylinder.

We provide these ironer belts in all widths.  They are, if desired, tailor-made and equipped with connectors and a protective flap.  Ask here your price offer.


Ironer padding.

Some ironers have a cloth wound around the cylinder.  We provide these cloths and cut them to size and, if desired, equip them with drawstrings at the sides.  Ask here your price offer.

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