Filter sleeves and pockets

Filter sleeves and pockets

Filter sleeves and filter bags are used in a variety of application areas and industries, wherever particles need to be filtered from an air- or liquid stream. Whether it concerns the food, chemical, mineral or metal industry.

Filters are always custom-made according to the customer's specifications.
Thanks to our extensive range of filter media, we can always offer the appropriate solution for your specific application.

 Filter cloths can be finished as follows:

  •  filter sleeves and filter bags with round, oval or square bottom, flat stitched, with or without extra reinforcement collar
  • top of sleeve cut straight, with cord seam, with stainless steel snap ring, with sealing felt, with sewn-in PE, PTFE, metal or stainless steel ring
  • filter sleeves with sewn rings distributed along the length of the sleeve

commonly known applications are the Micronizer® or Dalamatic® instalations.

polyester, polyester with PTFE membrane, polyester with Kevlar fibers, polypropylene, meta -armamide, homopolymer acrylic, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polyimide,....

The less common fibers are often in stock with us, with or without anti-static properties.

Dalamatic bag